If you're shaking your head, "YES", this is the free workshop for you. If you're anything like me, the ideal client avatar has always been confusing - what do you actually do with it to attract your dream couples? They say this is what you need to book out your business, but my 100+ students and I know differently. This workshop is for wedding and elopement photographers who are ready learn how to attract, book, and serve their dream couples. This happens by going back to the foundations, and I'll be sharing exactly what those are.

Are you ready to go from barely booking and getting ghosted to fully booked with dream couples?

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In 30 minutes you could finally learn how to...

increase your inquiries + get ghosted less

market + stand out from other photographers

book your highest packages confidently

improve organization in your biz back-end

take me to the 30 minute workshop

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