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What you need to know is that I believe in tangible and actionable tips. This education space is for any photographer, new or old, wanting more from their business. Whether that's simply help with productivity or how to run a business from the ground up, there's something here for you. Do you find yourself struggling with bookings? I've got a coaching program for that. Simply want to improve your client experience with done-for-you templates? Say no more!

I know what it's like to invest thousands of dollars into education and you feel like all you receive is motivational fluff. In having a heart of service, I don't hold back - we will dig deep, my friend. I do this for you. Your business thriving matters just as much to me as if it were my own which is why I share all of my tried and true resources and knowledge.

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Hey friend, I'm Claire - your *fingers crossed* soon-to-be coach, educator, and resource-giver. After building a successful wedding photography business of my own within 3 months, quitting nursing, and maximizing that growth for over 2 years, I have a passion for sharing my knowledge with you. You can trust that I will give you tangible and actionable tips that you can put into place in your own business. There's no motivational fluff around here.

I'm here to help you succeed and I'd be honored to get to know you

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Many of us become photographers to create art. Very few of us go into this ready to be an entrepreneur and take on many hats. That is why I'm sharing with you the resources that have completely benefited my business, my life, and my client's experiences with me. You deserve this same thing and that's why I have created this guide. Not only will I be listing out the resources, but I'll be giving you tangible steps and advice to take regarding each one and why.

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HOOK your INQUIRIES with these email templates

A client inquiring with you is the beginning of your selling journey. They’ve gotten to the point of trusting you enough to reach out, so now you have a big role to play because this is the start of their journey with you. I have created a freebie for you to start hooking inquiries from the very beginning. These are the 4 tried-and-true email templates I use for every inquiry workflow. 

It's time to get ghosted less and serve these couples once they land in your inbox.