My passion for photography was found at a very young age, but this wasn't always the plan. If you know anything about how tough nursing school is, you don't just put yourself through that torture for 2 years and then quit. But that's exactly what happened for me. I loved pediatric trauma nursing in a lot of ways but it also left me feeling so empty.

Maybe you can resonate with that - loving your career but it also leaving you empty.
I knew something had to change so I began pursuing this passion for photography without any real plan. Within 3 months, I was able to pursue my photography career fully and I haven't looked back once. In my first full time year, I made over 100K. In my second year, I made multi six figures. Let me be clear in saying that I don't tell you this to brag. In fact, I hate money talk (shivers).

I do tell you this because if I believe anything to be true, it's that you can find this same success too. I have packaged up all of my tried and true knowledge into education, coaching, podcast episodes, resources, freebies, and so much more because I care about you and your business. I want you to be able to quit that career that's leaving you empty and grow your business in a sustainable way.

There's something here for you, friend. No matter what stage of your business you're in and I hope you find it all helpful.

education is an investment in the future of your business, and I want you to know i'm invested in you too.


the heart behind why i teach

I'm a bit different than most educators...

I won't just show up and give you motivational fluff. I won't just tell you that what worked for me will work for you. I won't hold back. I will get to know you and help you create a plan that's personal to your business. I will be your biggest supporter for the years to come. 

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hand on heart
hand on heart
hand on heart

I've also been in your shoes when you feel stuck and you're not sure how to move your business forward. After years of trying new things, I've found what works and I'm here to share it with you. I've been able to travel to dream destinations without ever having been there before. My most booked packages are $5K+ for weddings and elopements. I've learned how to market to, attract, and book those dream couples. I've mastered organization and the back-end of my business. I get 5 star raving reviews from couples because of my client experience. If any of this sounds like what you've been searching for yourself, I'm here to teach you my tried and true methods and give my done-for-you resources so you can start moving the needle forward in your business too.

i'm just like you. I book couples, i edit their photos, i deliver their galleries, rinse and repeat. however...

why i teach

Outside of my dream business and educating photographers, I am a sucker for plants, thrifting, Target runs, doing DIY projects around the house, watching trash tv, and drinking all of the bubble tea in the world. 

I love to cuddle up a read a good self development book just like the rest of us, but I also equally enjoy traveling and seeing new things. 

I can't end this section without mentioning my husband and our marriage. It is so sweet to do life with your person. Garrett supports every new and old endeavor of mine and I truly couldn't run this business as well as I do without his support.

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my philosophy

Having almost 5 years of experience in the field, my heart has grown to serving and helping other photographers grow through the struggles I went through myself.

Growing my business to an in-demand, successful,
6-figure, sought after traveling photography business, I want to teach other photographers to do the same.

i'M committed to serving you and seeing your business thrive.

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"Our mentor session was so great and I can't wait for the next. I had another mentor session with a pretty big named photographer and they literally did no preparation - just wanted me to fire off questions. I really appreciate Claire investing her time and doing some research and prep. I feel like it was so much more productive with specific action items rather than motivational fluff. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to next month!"

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“I just had a mentor session with Claire and could not be more pleased with how it turned out! Claire is so personable and was able to answer all of my questions. She came prepared and we were able to cover all the topics I wanted to talk about! I feel so much more confident in my business and am excited to put all of her advice into practice!”

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"Claire is a SWEETHEART!!! She's the best mentor you could ask for. I had so much to take away from my mentor session with her. She really gives an honest feedback about your work and where you can improve. I can't wait do an another session and learn more from her."

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It is my mission help your business thrive. It matters just as much to me as if it were my own which is why I share all of my tried and true resources and knowledge for you.