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1:1 Mentorship

Scale It Mentorship Program

Book It Mentorship Program

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one on one mentorship

My 1:1 mentorship options were created for the photographer who values accountability, direct support, and a high-touch experience with their mentor.

This is not a one and done mentor session, it's an intentional experience, loaded with support and every resource you could ever need. Learn more about the packages and inclusions and apply for your exclusive spot below.

the highest touch investment

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1:1 Mentorship

scale it group mentorship program

Achieve a work-life balance (no more booking 30+ weddings a year) and pivot into multiple streams of revenue by scaling your photography business in this 5 month mentorship program. 

You will create a business that requires less of you by implementing advanced marketing + advertising strategies, outsourcing, selling prints + albums, building a team, and more.

for experienced photographers

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Scale It Group Mentorship Program

Book it Group Mentorship Program

Learn how to attract, book, and serve your dream couples by mastering the foundations of your business first in just 3 months.

Whether you're a new or experienced photographer, getting clear on your portfolio, marketing, website, client experience, and organization is pivotal to attracting your dream couples and booking your highest packages. 

for new and experienced photographers

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Book It Group Mentorship Program

photography mentoring


When I first started Book It, I was feeling doubtful in my abilities as a business owner, had messy processes, struggled with client communication, and wasn't reaching the types of couples I wanted or booking the prices I wanted to. Since finishing Book It, I've booked dream clients in dream locations, gained so much clarity on my voice and marketing, and feel so confident in the product I deliver. I've now booked weddings at prices I never dreamed I could book, increased my booking rate as well as the number of inquiries I've received, while also reaching dream brides and weeding out price shoppers. If I could, I'd book Claire's program over and over because I trust this girl with my LIFE. If you are considering Book It, know that it's one of the best investments I've made in my business.


“I can say that Claire doesn't care about you as a transaction. I was one of Claire's students and I'll be her student again. I'll continue to go to her time and time again. One of my favorite things about Claire is that money has never been a top priority. Money didn't come before serving me and she did not treat me as a paycheck. I have taken 5-7 business courses, several that were business related and Claire's was by far the best and most beneficial one. The amount of time she puts into her students is unmatched. The way she personally got to know me among a group of us always made me feel seen. I cannot recommend her enough. She has one of the most genuine hearts I know and truly, God outdid himself when he molded her.”


"Because of what I learned in Claire's Book It Program, I was able to pay off the last bit of the personal credit card debt that I couldn’t seem to shake for over a year now. I started Book It in late June and ending today, and went full time photo on July 1. Reflecting on this is wild because since august, I have been able to pay off over 10k in debt and I could have NEVER with my nursing job without sacrificing so much time. I also have been able to pay for my bills, have a personal savings, and save money for business taxes, and pay for her mentorship guilt free. Thank you Claire so much for everything! I still haven’t finished the entire program (because its jam packed of anything I could need to start my business) but glad I have it to keep working on. Invaluable. Thank you for believing in me, being a big sis that leads me to success and also gives personalized feedback, and reminding me that I can freaking do this. You’ve inspired me on so many levels and I just want you to know how grateful I am for connecting with you and doing your mentorship!"


"I am so happy I made the decision to start this program. Claire is such a kind and thorough mentor, she makes sure everyone is on track and has the best results. Thanks to book it I had my first fully booked wedding season as a second photographer! I had the opportunity of working with so many photographers and grow my portfolio these past 3 months thanks to Claire’s advice and guidance. I also booked my first 3 weddings in the first 2 weeks after implementing a lot of what I learned in the program! I still have a few things I need to implement but I have no doubt of what the next steps are to grow my business thanks to how thorough and detailed this program is. I cannot recommend this program enough, Claire breaks down step by step how to create a business designed to grow with you and with systems in place so you are ready to book your dream clients and serve them best. Claire, Thank you for providing so much clarity and helping me gain confidence in the decision of making photography my full time career.


The best business coach out there! Joining Book It with Claire was the best investment I've made for my business - EVER. The amount of knowledge and confidence you leave with after 3 months of learning from Claire is worth every penny. Claire poured her heart into this course and it truly shows! I felt so stuck before joining the program but by the end, I was fully booked for 2023. My inquiries have increased exponentially and I feel so much more confident in my brand. Claire went above and beyond with this coaching program and I am beyond grateful to have joined her community!