It’s time to stand out from other photographers, my friend. Are you ready to learn how to grow a business that attracts, converts, and serves your dream couples? Then let's grow your confidence in the future of your business by starting with the foundations in Book It.

Start booking out your calendar with couples you actually want to work with. Go from disorganized and barely booked to streamlined and fully booking it (literally).

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let's lay the foundations...

you’d love nothing more than to wake up to dream couples inquiring with you, ready to book your highest packages, if only

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re more than capable of creating a business that allows you to attract and book your dream couples.

You’ve already poured so much time and energy into different strategies like:

→ Throwing away so much money on ads trying to book couples
→ Wasting your time in Facebook groups
→ Creating a website that doesn't target or repel anyone
→ Downloading every piece of free content trying to figure out your ideal client avatar
→ Spending hours staring at a blinking cursor just to post something to stay relevant
→ Operating your business with no marketing plan
→ Accepting all inquiries hoping the right couples will come along eventually
→ Purchasing overly priced courses that aren't equipping you with what you need to succeed in your business

Here’s what you might not know - those tactics haven’t worked because while not all of these things are bad, none of it matters if you don’t have the proper foundations.

confidently price yourself for profit

create a portfolio that targets who you want to work with

have a website that converts for you in your sleep

irresistibly market yourself so you stand out from the crowd

convert inquiries into bookings at your highest packages

get systems in place that automate the back end of your business

give a 5-star client experience to every couple by solving pain points

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imagine your business when you...

Think about how good it would feel to never wonder when or where your next booking is coming from. You will bring in dream inquiries and book your highest packages by mastering your foundations.

peace out to...

ⓧ Bargaining couples who undervalue your services
ⓧ Accepting jobs that don’t bring you joy
Scrambling when it comes to your workflows and processes
ⓧ Copy on your website that does nothing but confuse couples that land on your website
ⓧ Wondering when or where your next lead will come from
ⓧ Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to creating resources for your couples

These feelings have been lingering over you for so long and taking action feels hard - especially when you've already tried so many things that just haven't brought your dream couples to you. Instead, you’ll create a thriving business that showcases your value on every platform and attracts those who feel that what you have to offer is priceless.

this is about to change, friend.


The 12-week coaching program for wedding and elopement photographers that will help you attract and book your dream couples by mastering your foundations first.

This coaching program contains everything you need to attract the couples you want to work with, book your highest packages, create an irresistible marketing strategy, organize and automate the back-end of your business, and give a 5 star client experience. While the end goal is to book your dream couples, you will be implementing the proven foundational roadmap that allowed me to go from barely booking and uninspired to multi six-figures, fully booked, and working with couples who value my expertise.

this is for me

Student wins


"I booked four of my highest packages (4.5-5K) consistently in the last month! I've never hit these numbers before IN A ROW! Claire, I couldn't have done this without you."


"I have booked 10 weddings just since starting the program! Everything in Book It is so damn valuable! It's one thing to have a coaching program that feels so organized and lays out a clear path, but Claire went above and beyond to give everything and then some."


"I booked my 3rd wedding for 2023! Book It has helped me come up with a concrete marketing strategy that targets my dream couples and fits my personal brand. I cannot recommend this program enough to any photographer looking to level up their business and get more bookings!"


"I just booked my 16th wedding for next year and it's a dream client!"


"There is so much value and actionable takeaways in getting your business in the right place to be able to book more clients. Claire has such a giving heart and is happy to share all of her knowledge. After taking Book It, I feel more confident in my style, my brand, client process, and business foundations."


"Just hit $100K in sales for this year!! I know that using Claire's email templates the last few months have definitely helped me close more clients!"

let’s break it down

Here's what’s waiting for you inside Book it

Module 1

This module is all about building the portfolio you actually want to attract and tangible tips on how to do so authentically.

- Finding and Perfecting Your Style
- Composition + Storytelling
- Planning and Executing Styled Shoots
- Gaining Real Experience

Module 2

This module is all about creating an intentional, irresistible marketing strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

- Why Niching Down Is Important for Marketing
- The Significance of Knowing Your Why
- Creating a Marketing Plan
- Instagram Marketing
- Pinterest Marketing
- Email Marketing

Module 3

This module is for building a website that actually converts and targets your dream couples by speaking directly to them.

- General SEO, Keywords, + Tools
- Create a Website That Converts 
- Blogging is a Necessity
- Copywriting to Target Your Couples

Module 4

This module hits on all that you should be doing to serve your clients by solving pain points, give a stellar experience, and receive raving reviews.

- The Client Experience Journey
- Improve Your Client Experience
- Map Out Your Client Journey

Module 5

In this module, you'll get an inside look at how I keep everything in the back-end of my business organized.

- Where To Start With Organization
- How To Use Dubsado in Your Business
- How To Use Notion in Your Business
- Planning Out Your Week

valued at $5000

professionally written email templates


while everything above is more than enough... I can't help myself

A huge part of booking more clients is knowing what to say and when to say it! I will be giving you over 20 email templates that I actually use every day for every step of the process in my business. You will be able to hook inquiries, give couples the best communication, and relieve some of your to do list with these done-for-you templates!

valued at $150

Questionnaire templates

Again, I actually use these templates! You will get to know your couple, help them find a location for their session or elopement, finalize their timeline, get family shot lists, and so much more. You will blow your clients away with how professional and prepared you are when using these.

valued at $50

Two client workflow roadmaps

Wedding and elopements are very different workflows since steps take place at different points in the process. I am giving you my wedding and elopement workflow. From contact form, to inquiry, to booking, to after booking, to after the event. Nothing is left out here and you can pair it with the email templates!

valued at $250

A Pricing and Planning Guide Template

Since the coaching program will be teaching you all about how to position yourself as the expert and attract those dream couples, you need a pricing and planning guide! You can customize these however you wish and they were made to help you stand out.

valued at $100

even more!

i can't sign up fast enough

2-4 Monthly coaching calls with Claire

We will have Q+A coaching calls 2-4 times a month. I am committed to being available to you and coaching you. You will have the option to submit your questions prior or on the call. This is an intentional program after all and not just a course. Community makes a big difference when it comes to implementing, so get ready to have like-minded photographers cheer you on.

valued at $6000

book it is the roadmap to change your business forever.

It’s intentionally different from anything you’ve seen before because I want to help you achieve a business that actually works for you instead of the other way around. 

This foundational strategy has allowed me to:

Quit my nursing career that was leaving me feeling empty to pursue my passion and freedom

Make over 100K in my first full-time year with an average of 5.5K each booking

Feel excited about all of the bookings I have rather than dreading my work to make ends meet

Crush business goals, pursue different endeavors (like this one!), and scale because of my organization

Have more free time to spend with my husband and doing hobbies I enjoy

✔ More inquiries and actually booking your dream couples at your highest packages
✔ Irresistible marketing on all of your platforms
✔ An amazing website that targets and converts your dream couples
✔ A portfolio that showcases what you want to attract
✔ Finally feel organized and relieved knowing your couples only get your best
✔ Excitement about your business again (goodbye feeling overwhelmed!)
✔ Confidently raise your prices + increase revenue

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you. I cannot wait to hear how this coaching program changes the course of your own business.

When you implement everything inside Book It, you’re going to walk away with massive results like:

these are results i need

Let’s take you out of feeling stuck and instead help you feel equipped to book and serve your dream couples with ease

When you understand that you need to show what you want to attract, create an irresistible marketing strategy, organize your back-end, and perfect your client experience prior to booking more couples, you know that you need more of an advanced foundational strategy.

So, you can either:

Keep chugging along feeling discouraged, unorganized, and uninspired by what you are booking...

You can get a little uncomfortable and push past fear to become your boss-babe self with the business you’ve dreamed of for years!


The fact of the matter is it comes down to you believing that you have what it takes. Taking advantage of this coaching program will open up a new world of possibilities for your business and your life.

photographer turned photography coach

I’ve been where you’re at. I struggled with knowing exactly what I needed to do to attract my dream couples. I was getting inquiries from penny pinchers who undervalued what I had to offer. I would accept every inquiry and booking because I was trying to gain experience, grow my business, and quit my nursing career.

The moment I started investing in building a portfolio that reflected the style of photography I wanted to attract, figuring out what makes me stand out from the crowd, organizing the back-end of my business, creating a high converting website, and more, my dream couples have been finding me.

Photographers will ask me time and time again how I got to where I'm at - marketing effectively, booking my dream couples, and making over six-figures. I've found that all of us have the same goal to book our dream couples, but proper foundations are needed first. Because of this, I have mapped out the roadmap that took me from struggling to book the couples I wanted to work with to booking out my calendar solid with highest paying dream clients. I have a passion for helping you see the same success I've had and I cannot wait to welcome you into Book It.

helping you stand out from the crowd and feel excitement about your business again.

"is this for me?"

This coaching program is for you if you: 

✔ want to attract and book your dream couples
✔ need help figuring out your next steps
✔ are tired of motivational/mindset fluff in big-name courses
✔ are ready to cutdown on admin time and get organized
✔ are ready to raise your prices
✔ want to offer a stellar client experience

This is NOT the best fit for you right now if you:

✘ are not willing to do the work
✘ are looking for an easy or quick fix
✘ think that you’ve already tried it all
✘ prefer to do it all on your own
✘ are not ready to invest in your business

Have a couple of questions before you hit “purchase”?

Yes! This will work no matter what kind of photographer you are, as long as you need to learn the techniques to book out your business. 

What exactly am I going to get inside this purchase? +

Will this work if I’m a [fill in the blank] photographer? +

What’s your refund policy? +

What is the time commitment? +

We offer refunds if you’ve implemented everything and don’t see the results you were hoping for. You just gotta prove you tried, okay?

What exactly am I going to get inside this purchase? +

Will this work if I’m a [fill in the blank] photographer? +

What’s your refund policy? +

What is the time commitment? +

The video modules are each 10 minutes long and after implementing everything, you’ll probably spend about 4 hours doing the work to change the trajectory of you business. 

What exactly am I going to get inside this purchase? +

Will this work if I’m a [fill in the blank] photographer? +

What’s your refund policy? +

What is the time commitment? +

You’ll get immediate access to everything included:
3 video modules 
Master your marketing guide 
Sales scripts  
(2) bonuses  
Lifetime Access 

What exactly am I going to get inside this purchase? +

Will this work if I’m a [fill in the blank] photographer? +

What’s your refund policy? +

What is the time commitment? +

will this work for me if i'm not a wedding or elopement photographer?

This coaching program is specifically for wedding and elopement photographers who know the basics of their industry (lighting, camera settings, composition, and more) but need help specifically with booking more couples, and dream couples at that. If you are not a wedding or elopement photographer, or you're not hoping to become one, then I don't believe that this coaching program will be the best fit for you.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of much of this coaching program being digital with the course videos and templates, there will be no refunds. However, you can rest assured that at the end of the day, your success and growth is why we do what we do! I truly believe you will get your return on investment multiple times over after learning and implementing what's inside the coaching program.

What is the time commitment? 

There are 24 videos in the coaching program modules and we will have 2-4 Q+A calls each month for 1 hour. Most of the teaching videos are under 20 minutes long with only a select few over, so you can finish most modules within an hour and a half. You'll spend about 10 hours total implementing the next steps I give to you. If you're a perfectionist (like myself) then this time commitment may be more. I'm here to guide you and I give you so many resources in the program to make implementing easier, but when you put the time and effort into your business, that's when you'll see the changes you want to see.

What exactly am I going to get inside the coaching program?

Please check out the inclusions here. There is even more not listed within this summary because I am making sure you get every little thing that I use on the daily that could be helpful for the topics we're covering.

are there payment plans?

Yes, I have created 3 payment options and you can choose the best fit for you right now. My heart behind the pricing for the program is to ensure you get your return on investment by only booking one wedding after 3 months, which I'm confident you'll do much more after our time together. Once you apply and I make sure the program will help you reach your goals, we can chat payment plan options!

when does the program start?

Once you apply and enroll, you will get started right away and jump right into the current coaching schedule.

How much access will i have to you inside the program?

We have a private Slack community with myself and the other students. I respond to messages and questions Monday-Thursday every week. You will also have direct access to me on the coaching calls to ask any questions and have me review/audit any templates you've customized, your website, and more. I like to say - think of it like having me in your back pocket all the time.

Book It is here for you if you want to have a truly profitable, fulfilling business.

Let's lay the foundation for you to grow a business that attracts, converts, and serves your dream couples.

If you’re ready for a thriving, booked out, and organized business then this is the answer you’ve been searching the internet for. You know you deserve to reach your goals and this is your opportunity to invest and prove it to yourself.

It’s time to claim what you know you deserve, believe in yourself, and start putting your desires into action because if not now, when?