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The done-for-you Notion template for photographers and videographers who want to increase their productivity and have a streamlined strategy to every piece of their business - from your tasks, to goals, to marketing, to editing queue. One of the biggest pain points for most wedding creatives is organization that results in solid productivity and strategy... It’s not you, it’s your systems. But we’re about to change that and make this your new reality thanks to this Notion template.

Start operating your business as a CEO with this all-in-one Notion template to improve your productivity without wasting your time to set it up all on your own.


what you get in this notion template:

+ pages for weekly planning to-do lists, goals planning, quarterly reviews to keep up with your goals, planning hour / weekly reset guidance, a marketing planner for your Instagram/blogging/email marketing, a location database, a vendor database, an editing list, and more
+ Easily customized
+ Instructions video walking you through how to use the template
+ strategies + examples infused throughout


"This Notion template has brought some organization to the chaos that is my desk - no more sticky notes everywhere with editing dates, random pieces of paper with brain dumps, and to-do lists! Having everything in one coordinated place that I can access on my desktop, iPad, and phone make the backend work of my business for efficient so that I can feel more put together and get back to the parts I adore - shooting & editing!

I loveee that the template even is ready to go with pre-made timeline suggestions, and it’s been helpful in reminding me to do my pain points (Aka, the things I’ll forget easily!) like blogging & quarterly reviews."


“I can say that Claire doesn't care about you as a transaction. I was one of Claire's students and I'll be her student again. I'll continue to go to her time and time again. One of my favorite things about Claire is that money has never been a top priority. Money didn't come before serving me and she did not treat me as a paycheck. I have taken 5-7 business courses, several that were business related and Claire's was by far the best and most beneficial one. The amount of time she puts into her students is unmatched. The way she personally got to know me among a group of us always made me feel seen. I cannot recommend her enough. She has one of the most genuine hearts I know and truly, God outdid himself when he molded her.”


"Because of what I learned in Claire's Book It Program, I was able to pay off the last bit of the personal credit card debt that I couldn’t seem to shake for over a year now. I started Book It in late June and ending today, and went full time photo on July 1. Reflecting on this is wild because since august, I have been able to pay off over 10k in debt and I could have NEVER with my nursing job without sacrificing so much time. I also have been able to pay for my bills, have a personal savings, and save money for business taxes, and pay for her mentorship guilt free. Thank you Claire so much for everything! I still haven’t finished the entire program (because its jam packed of anything I could need to start my business) but glad I have it to keep working on. Invaluable. Thank you for believing in me, being a big sis that leads me to success and also gives personalized feedback, and reminding me that I can freaking do this. You’ve inspired me on so many levels and I just want you to know how grateful I am for connecting with you and doing your mentorship!"


"I am so happy I made the decision to start this program. Claire is such a kind and thorough mentor, she makes sure everyone is on track and has the best results. Thanks to book it I had my first fully booked wedding season as a second photographer! I had the opportunity of working with so many photographers and grow my portfolio these past 3 months thanks to Claire’s advice and guidance. I also booked my first 3 weddings in the first 2 weeks after implementing a lot of what I learned in the program! I still have a few things I need to implement but I have no doubt of what the next steps are to grow my business thanks to how thorough and detailed this program is. I cannot recommend this program enough, Claire breaks down step by step how to create a business designed to grow with you and with systems in place so you are ready to book your dream clients and serve them best. Claire, Thank you for providing so much clarity and helping me gain confidence in the decision of making photography my full time career.


The best business coach out there! Joining Book It with Claire was the best investment I've made for my business - EVER. The amount of knowledge and confidence you leave with after 3 months of learning from Claire is worth every penny. Claire poured her heart into this course and it truly shows! I felt so stuck before joining the program but by the end, I was fully booked for 2023. My inquiries have increased exponentially and I feel so much more confident in my brand. Claire went above and beyond with this coaching program and I am beyond grateful to have joined her community!

testimonial from a student

will this work for me if i'm not a wedding or elopement photographer?

This Notion template will work well for any wedding creative. It's set up for a photographer or videographer (especially having an editing queue in mind, but it can be easily customized.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product being digital, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

How will i receive the product? 

You will receive an email from us after purchasing with a link to the guide that contains the portal access to the training video and link to duplicate to your own Notion account. If you haven't received an email within 30 minutes, please check your spam/promotions and then email us at

do I need a subscription to notion to use this template?

One of my favorite things about Notion is that it's free to use. If you'd like the advanced features like AI or inviting multiple people to your template (which I've never used in the 3 years I've used Notion), you can absolutely upgrade your account here. But again, it's not necessary and you can use every part of this template in the free version of Notion.

"is this for me?"

This is for you if: 

- you want to increase your productivity + organization
- you'd love to use Notion but it's overwhelming to you
- you struggle with managing your weekly tasks
- there are so many ideas that you lose track of because you have no place to host them
- you're still keeping track of your editing list on sticky notes